• Industrial Cleaning

    Our industrial cleaning services are suited to any industrial premises.

  • Window Cleaning

    Construction Cleaning service a large number of different commercial properties including shops, offices, schools, medical centers and others.

  • Floor Sealing

    Our cleaning services takes care for floor sealing.

  • Specialized Floor Cleaning

    We are specialists in floor cleaning with the latest cleaning equipment and highly skilled cleaning staff.  

  • Abseiling

    Our cleaning services involves abseiling, approving quality and sustainable cleaning of commercial properties.  

  • Carpark and Warehouse Floor Cleaning

    Our cleaning services offsets complete warehouse and car park floor cleaning.

  • Carpet Spot Cleaning

    We clean stains and spills, using cleaning solutions that not only clean well but they are friendly to both indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

    We recommend the steam cleaning process as a leading methods used within the cleaning industry and one of the most effective and safe method of cleaning carpets.

  • Commercial Cleaning

    Our cleaning services take care of all your commercial cleaning needs – whether it’s an office block, a commercial complex, or any other commercial building such as a bank or financial institution.